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ALVARÁ nº 8910


Construções Morgado Lda.

Construções Morgado Lda is a company dedicated to property promotion.

From 1974 onwards has had its headquarters located in Meirinhas, near Pombal.

Since the beginning our company has been uncompromisingly committed to the implementation of professional excellence whilst also favoring quality, defending our clients’ best interests. By affirming its entrepreneurial position in privileged key locations in Figueira da Foz, Construções Morgado Lda. has proven reliability for our clients’ investments.

Our execution has always been driven by the highest standard techniques of construction, Certified Technical Infrastructures and also for good performance on power consumption.

Construções Morgado Lda. was founded by Joaquim Morgado in 1970, a man with extensive experience in the field of civil construction. In 1949, aged 17 he moved to Lisbon to start working in this sector. After finishing his studies in Escola industrial Machado de Castro he was promoted to site manager of several companies culminating in a position at a prestiged public works company, managing construction works all over Portugal.

Throughout his professional development process he worked in such countries as France and Canada until he finally settled in Portugal in 1970 to initiate Construções Morgado Lda.’s activities as a construction company of private work.

From 1976 onwards the company goes on to operate also as a real estate developer, promoting itself in the market.

In 2006 Leonel Morgado took over the managing role of Construções Morgado Lda. and remained faithful to the company’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to quality which were traced right from its creation. His commitment to answering the continuous challenges that have arisen in the construction sector and real estate development, along with the affirming of core values of demand for a high quality of technical standards and construction execution, has allowed the company to keep meeting and serving our clients’ best interests.

Construções Morgado Lda. has focused its activity and presence in Figueira da Foz over the last few years and is currently developing several apartment and house building projects.